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The Group Project participants are selected through application review and personal interview.  Those with prior Gestalt Therapy training are especially encouraged to participate.  Applicants who have not had Gestalt Therapy training, but who have experience in Mental Health and other psychotherapy models will be individually considered and are also encouraged to apply.

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Gestalt Group Therapy: Authentic communication in action.

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I'm a

2017 Group Project Dates:​
10 am - 5 pm on Saturdays and Sundays:
February 11 and 12
April 22 and 23
June 17 and 18
July 8 and 9
September 9 and 10
1133 Broadway (at 26th Street)​  
 New York, NY 10010 
1133 Broadway (at 26th Street)​  
 New York, NY 10010 

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